Barossa Ham Gypsy
$35.99 per kg
Barossa Bacon Federation
$35.99 per kg
Bremer Cafe Dip French Artichoke 150g
$5.65 each
Costello"​S Bung Fritz
$21.99 per kg
Barossa Twiggy Sticks
$34.99 per kg
Jarlsberg Cheese Sliced
$45.99 per kg
Adelaide Hills Ham Smoked
$35.99 per kg
Fetta - Danish
$8.99 per kg
Gaganis Dip Tzatziki 250g
$6.99 each
Adelaide Hills Salami Pork & Fennel
$39.99 per kg
Dari's Dip Roasted Garlic Hummus 200g
$5.99 each
Australian Shaved Parmesan 250g
$11.99 each
Bambini Bocconcini 220gm
$7.49 each
Sicilian Olives 306g
$5.99 each
Tomatoes Semi Dried 185g
$3.99 each
Barossa Beef Roast
$47.99 per kg
Barossa Salami Hungarian
$37.99 per kg
Barossa Turkey Roast
$59.99 per kg
Don's Salami Hungarian Mild
$44.99 per kg
Kalamata Olives Pitted 310g
$5.99 each
Costello's Ham English Boiled
$41.99 per kg
Costello's Ham Off The Bone
$35.99 per kg
Nino's Salami Pressata Mild
$44.99 per kg
Prosciutto San Daniele
$61.99 per kg
Aldinga Turkey Roast
$46.99 per kg
El Pozo Spanish Serrano
$49.99 per kg
Fabbris Calabrese Salami Hot
$30.99 per kg
Gaganis Dip Tarama 250g
$6.99 each
La Vera Ricotta Low Fat
$15.99 per kg
My Local Butcher Ham Free Range
$37.99 per kg
Auricchio Parmigiano Reggiano 200g
$13.99 each
Barossa Valley Haloumi
$9.99 each
Bremer Cafe Dip Hommus 200g
$7.10 each
Bremer Cafe Dip Rocket & Cashew 150g
$5.65 each
Don's Melosi Leg Ham
$29.99 per kg
Fabbris Silverside
$43.99 per kg
Fifya Dip Vegan Basil, Spinach Roasted Cashew Pesto 250g
$8.20 each
Olive Branch Dips Beetroot Indulgence 200gm
$6.99 each
Prosciutto Italian Parma
$57.99 per kg
Schinella's Semi Matured Cheddar Block
$22.99 per kg
Smiley Fritz
$16.99 per kg
Tob Dip Trad Natural Hommus 200g
$6.99 each
Adelaide Hills Hungarian Salami
$39.99 per kg
Artichoke Grild & Mrinate 165g
$7.49 each
Auricchio Provolone Dolce Sliced 100g
$4.99 each
Barossa Ham Fiore Di Cotta
$37.99 per kg
Bremer Cafe Dip Beetroot Skordalia 200g
$7.10 each
Champagne Ham (​Shaved Special)
$15.99 per kg
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